Balance sheet activity CEGAA June 2015 / April 2016.

# 9-20 June 2015: General Assembly Alicante

Amendments to the statutes, to bring coherence to the statutes with the arrival of groups of Spanish agents, Portuguese and Italian. Decision to confirm the membership application (as an active member) of the CEGAA CECRA (European Council of Trade and Repair of Motor). Upstream we had an agreement in principle President J. P. Bailly.

# September 24, 2015 Brussels: Participation in the AG CECRA

We presented to all members of CECRA objectives CEGAA:
• Defence and harmonization of the legal status of agents and authorized repairers
• Participation in the development of the code of conduct CECRA
• Implementation of a business intelligence companies
• Obtain a balanced and regulated relationship between manufacturers and their distributors (dealers and agents)
• Defining the rules of any termination (payment of investments)
• Who "owns" the customer?

# December 2, 2015 Brussels: meeting with a Portuguese MP

Following the meeting Mr. Mons João Ferreira asked two questions to the European Commission:

• What participation by agents and authorized repairers in the implementation of the law
• What steps should be taken in case of conflicts manufacturers / agents

# December 2, 2015 Brussels: CEGAA of participation in the EDC Group

First meeting of the new working group within CECRA, its goal implement projects to protect the interests of distributors deal with manufacturers. # Presence of CEGAA Equip'auto the Paris salon of 13 to 17 October 2015

Presence of French groups, Spanish and Portuguese and our partners.
We can only regret the weakness of visits and repairing agents to stand.
This experience will not be renewed in 2017 saw its cost and limited benefits.

# Targets 2016

Continuation of contacts between the European Commission and CEGAA Consolidate our presence in CECRA For our deployment to other groups of workers (Germany, Italy, Belgium etc.).
CEGAA presence at the Paris Motor (first to 16 October) with the holding of our General Assembly and a meeting with the press.

# The September 24, 2015 on the occasion of the CECRA General Assembly held at the Maison de l'Automobile in Brussels , the President of CEGAA Joel Bernard was able to speak on the challenges of this entry to CECRA ( Car Division ECD) and the willingness to engage in constructive work with its members.

# Entrance to CECRA , a first goal achieved by the CEGAA since its creation in 2013.

# President Joel Bernard recalled on this occasion that CEGAA represents the interests and rights of authorized repairers and agents grouped in their brand groups.

# Agents and authorized repairers who represent in Europe :
- 27.000 companies
- 120.000 jobs
And participate for 39 % market New cars and 33% of the market for replacement.

# Then he also mentioned the priorities CEGAA has set for the coming years :
- Defend and harmonize the legal status of authorized repairers and agents in Europe
- Implement a business intelligence of our companies.
- Achieving the protection of our customer files.
- Participate in the development of the code of conduct of CECRA.
- Working for a balanced relationship , and regulated with total respect of the parts between the manufacturer and its distributors ( dealers and agents).

# The Vice President Alain Lize , Mr Sanz César Bustillo Groups representing the Spaniards , Antonio President of ARAN and representing Portugal and Jean-Louis Besnard "European consultant" also participated in this landmark day for CEGAA.

# Following our request to integrate CECRA ( Courier CEGAA in our "Projects" ), the latter in the Governing Council of July 7, 2015 has officially agreed to the CEGAA become a member of CECRA .

# The CEGAA will be invited and will attend all meetings of the car division of CECRA " ECD " ( European Car Dealers ) in addition to the working groups in which we would participate .

# First official participation CEGAA , September 24, 2015 on the occasion of the CECRA General Assembly to be held in Brussels.

# In CEGAA now making its way in this European body which opens its doors . Because for all Europeans, believe it or not, the latest political events demonstrate that this was in Brussels that plays our future.

L'Assemblée Générale du CEGAA et la Convention Européenne des Agents se sont tenues à Alicante le 19 juin 2015 avec les membres et les partenaires européens au siège de la Société SOLEDAD

Le coup d’envoi des réunions CECRA/ACEA a eu lieu le 18 mai pour discuter les aspects juridiques en préparation des négociations à venir.

La matinée, réservée aux membres fut consacrée au conseil d'administration et aux AGE et AGO de l'association.

A l'issue des débats, la demande d'adhésion au CECRA, proposée par le Bureau a été approuvée et officiellement transmise.

Cette journée d'échanges s'est poursuivie dans l'après-midi par la Convention Européenne des Agents Automobiles placée sous le thème et étendue aux partenaires : "Les agents automobiles : une force et une perspective en Europe".

Pragmatique et prospective elle a mêlé des données objectives sur le marché européen des agents et sur les attentes du consommateur, présentées et commentées par le représentant espagnol du cabinet d'études international ICDP, à des interventions de présidents de groupements.

After an overview of the European market by Ricardo Conesa, ICDP Spain, the Iberian has been exemplary in the spotlight through the testimonies Cesar Sanz, as Secretary General of Spanish groups and Antonio Teixeira Lopes, President the ARAN (Portuguese association of the automotive industry), who both commented on how they handled the crisis on their market and presented their vision of the future. Other Group Presidents then answered some questions in a mini round table dedicated to relations with the manufacturers.

Soledad, partner CEGAA and flourishing family business that hosted the whole event in his beautiful office concluded the first part of the convention by presenting its business and the reasons for its success.

The second part on responses to the expectations of European consumers. In his speech Thomas Chieux, ICDP France confirmed in particular the willingness of customers to maintain a local service for their vehicle and their tendency to remain faithful to their repairer.

Des solutions concrètes, autonomes et locales pour mieux servir le consommateur ont ensuite été présentées par le GAAP et deux partenaires du CEGAA : Solware Auto sur le pilotage du marketing client et GT Motive sur le chiffrage et la gestion des sinistres automobiles en toute indépendance.

En fin de session les participants ont découvert la nouvelle version du site internet du CEGAA et rendez-vous a été pris pour une nouvelle occasion de promotion du rôle des agents et d'échanges constructifs à Equip Auto en octobre.

# The European Council of Trade and Repairs Cars (CECRA) met last May 27 the Head of the automotive industry and sustainable mobility of the Commission (DG GROW).
Jean Philippe will, from June 1, replaced by Joanna Szychowska already working in the DG.
The two representatives of the EC reiterated that the Commission wants a solution to the question, still pending, vertical agreements between manufacturers and dealers, and by the end of the year.
If negotiations between manufacturers and dealers would not lead to an acceptable solution, the Commission stated that its position would remain unchanged and that in the final report of CARS 2020 the Commission "reserves the right to launch a process the aim of adopting a legislative proposal regulating the relationships between the different actors of the automotive sector ".
The members of the Board of CECRA Jaap Timmer (EDC President - European Car Dealers) and Gustav Oberwallner, and the Director General Bernard Lycke stress the need to make further progress because many discussions have been held for the past three without much concrete results.

For more information, please contact Bernard Lycke, CEO
T: +32 2 771 96 56 @:
CECRA is the European federation of national professional associations representing the interests of motor trade and repair businesses and European Groupings of dealers.
It represents the interests of about 380,000 automotive companies - dealers / authorized repairers and independent repairers in Europe. They employ 2.8 million employees.

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the new website CEGAA

More info and monitoring of actions and events

The Annual General Meeting will take place this year in Alicante ( Spain) at the headquarters of SOLEDAD

It will be followed by the European Convention auto agents

CEGAA Equip'Auto will be at the 13 to 17 October 2015

And international biennial show , EQUIP AUTO accompanies your development for 40 years on the market and after-sales services for all vehicles in France and EMEA.